Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The non-holidays are approaching...

...and I have so much to do - and so little motivation!

A classic example is this here blog.  I glanced back at my previous post and - to my horror - saw that I wrote it on the 5th March.  No, I don't have anything against the 5th March - I'm sure it's a perfectly pleasant date - but that means it's over TWO WEEKS since I last wrote and that is just ridiculous.  So much for my resolution to write every few days.

But anyway, here I am, trying to turn over a new leaf etc etc.

Incidentally, the Easter hols will be 'non-holidays' because I seem to have more work to do as soon as they start than what I have had thus far during term-time.  Or is that me just being poor at planning?

Our first 'Litmus' anthology deadline is approaching.  We need to have sent all of our potential pieces to our respective editors by 8th April.  That means me writing two short stories by that ominous date.  And considering I've only written two short stories in my entire life I think I have just cause to be somewhat apprehensive.  I've written a small chunk of one - it is turning out to be filled with all my usual cheeriness: blood, death and so on.  Lovely stuff.

The second story, however, is still cowering in some dark corner of the nether-worlds, terrified at whatever monstrosity I'll turn it into.

I'd intended to write a short story for this because it makes so much more sense than submitting part of a novel.  It is much better for the reader to have something complete and I know that I would feel frustrated to read part of a story.  This was then made a rule for submission - all stories must be complete.  And suddenly the thing seems so much harder, because what if (as has happened in the past) I intend it to be a short story but readers/editors think it sounds like the beginning of a longer piece?  Then it will be deemed illegal in Litmus Land.

I guess I'll just have to give it a go and hope for the best.

At the end of my previous blog I had intended to write something a bit jollier.  Alas, I don't think I've achieved it - although on the up side, at least I'm only whinging about my work rather than my whole life.  Woohoo!

Also, in relation to the task mentioned in the last post, Carole agreed that I have no life.  Hey, at least I was right!

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