Wednesday, 4 May 2011

*Hangs Head In Shame*

I'd known that my blogging frequency was bad but I hadn't realised it was this atrocious.  One blog in the whole of April?  ONE?  Seriously?  Ugh, I'm rubbish.

So here I am again with fervent apologies to my non-existent readers and will once more pledge to do better next time, all the while wondering whether I actually will manage to be anything more than useless.  Just at blogging, obviously.  I'm sure there are things in the real world that I can do ok.  Like baking cookies.  Although I haven't even done that for a while either.

The Easter non-holidays have now disappeared and we are back to university lectures.  I had a bit of a fright yesterday at the start of the Publishing Project session when I wrote 'Week 9' at the top of the page.  Only three weeks to go... cue panic attack.

The Litmus anthology is still ongoing and causing a fair amount of stress for those involved.  I just thank my lucky stars that I'm not overseeing the whole thing or I would have gone utterly round the metaphorical bend by this point.  I'm part-way through my current allocation of copy-editing and will be muchly relieved when I can send it off into the world and never have to look at another full stop in such detail ever again.

I've now got to start thinking more about the assignment for Publishing Project.  I've known what I'm going to be doing for a while - since the start of the module, in fact - which is the second chapter of my newly-started novel Hide and See, the first chapter of which I submitted for last semester's Advanced Fiction workshop.  I know what I want to do and I'm quite happy with the story overall, so motivation hopefully won't be a problem.  I guess my only reservation is that I won't get the same level of feedback from everyone that I had last time, something I found very useful.

Welcome to the real world, I guess.

The real world was never something I was a fan of - hence this fiction writing malarky.

I've got Advanced Non-fiction this evening.  We talked about our assignments last week so I don't feel quite so at-sea with that one.  I'm chose to do the Titanic, because I am both lazy and a massive nerd.

(I’ve just re-read that paragraph and noticed the pun.  Apologies.)

Right-ho, I've ranted enough.  I think I sound like a right whinger in these bloggy-babies but I promise you, imaginary readers, I am not.  I'm really quite a cheerful fellow.  Honest.

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  1. Happy to take a look at Chapter 2 for you. You know how I love giving feedback. ;)

    By the way, now it's here (the blog, I mean), I'm a real reader, not imaginary. You are not alone!