Saturday, 11 June 2011

Another one bites the dust

My non-fiction assignment has been sent off into the world to arrive, Royal Mail willing, on Monday at uni.  I'm fairly happy to see the back of it, with the one exception of a moment last night, as I was trying to get to sleep, thinking I should have mentioned why there were still new things to say about the Titanic in my rationale.  Yes, this is apparently the most exciting thing in my day that I think about (or try not to think about) before I go to sleep.

Now I am trying to adopt the same method for this assignment as I did for my Publishing Project one - i.e. not think about it at all.  I'd rather forget the things even existed rather than remember all the parts I forgot to include (see above pre-sleep panic attack as an example).

Seeing as my next assignment is my dissertation - due in September, which is probably not as far away as it's pretending to be - I will have to think about the PP assignment much sooner than I would hope for.  In saying this, though, I have been doing a little work on it this past week without any devastating consequences.

For my PP assignment I handed in chapter 2 of my new novel Hide and See - but due to uni word limit it only came to around 3000 words and I was aiming for between 4k and 5k for each chapter, to make it nice and neat and to satisfy the little OCD fairies in my brain.  So before I can start writing chapters 3-5 for my dissertation I have to finish off chapter 2, all the while not looking at what I've done for the rest of chapter 2 lest I notice that on the second page I've missed out an apostrophe and will, therefore, fail my entire MA.

And don't even get me started on the whole job-hunt thing.  I haven't even started.  I don't want to start.  I want to sit in my room and make up stories for a living.

But I don't particularly want to be impoverished so I'm guessing I might actually have to grow up and be an adult one day.  Whoever came up with that rule is a big poopy face.


  1. Ha! Grow up and be an adult one day? When is that supposed to happen then? That big poopy face has never managed to have any influence on me. Ignore him/her.

  2. Ignoring the poopy-faced rule-maker sounds good to me! Isn't that part of being a writer anyway? Being little kids who refuse to grow up, playing make believe?

  3. I made the mistake of re-reading my assignment just before I stuffed it in the envelope. Not good...