Sunday, 27 May 2012


So in case you hadn't noticed, the sun has been out this week.  Out and glorious and marvellous and all too wonderful to miss.  Thus, I have spent a good chunk of this week sat in the garden, drinking up that sunshine before it inevitably disappears behind a curtain of cloud.

This has meant, however, that I haven't been doing all the things which I ought to have done this week.  Take this here blog, for instance.  I fully intended to write a post on Tuesday but then the sun thing happened and here we are on Sunday with my finally having gotten round to it.

I also intended to finish the final tweaks to my latest Hide and See draft, ready to send off to a volunteer beta reader.  And have I done it?  That would be a no, what with the computer being inside and the sun being outside.

I haven't been completely useless this week, however.  I've finally started doing some writing for book two, long-hand, thereby making it compatible with the whole sitting-outside-ness.  I've written several scenes which, while I know they'll occur towards the beginning of the book, I'm not yet sure of the order or what chapter they'll fall in.  I'm focusing on getting the feel for the book at the moment: I don't want to over-plan the thing to the point that it feels sterile.

I also read a book: Generation 18 by Keri Arthur.  I'd read several of Arthur's books for my dissertation last year.  Her books were definitely the best of all the Primary World fiction I read during that time, with many others tending towards cliché and repetition.  I found Generation 18 for sale in Totton Library.  20p: how could I resist?  Alas, it is the second book in a trilogy but I managed to follow it well enough and rather enjoyed it too.  Considering hunting out book three.


  1. The whole sunshine thing is over-rated, it brings nothing but sunburn, noisy neighbouring children and sand in uncomfortable places. That, and I can't see the screen on the TV/laptop for all the glare!

  2. I'm fortunate in that I own sunscreen and don't live near a beach. The noisy children has, alas, been replaced with noisy adult neighbours - two sets who seem to be having a power tools vs rap music battle.