Thursday, 24 October 2013

Oh Half Term, how I long for thee

Half-term approaches - and it cannot come soon enough.  There's a special kind of exhaustion that comes with spending every working day somewhat stressed, and I am so ready for a break.  Not being what amounts to a professional nag for a week will be rather nice.

I'm off to York on Saturday with my sister to visit my little brother (that 6'4", 19-year-old, living-away-from-home little brother, who refuses to be anything else in my mind.  Younger.  I need to think 'Younger'.)

Horrendously long and boring train journey notwithstanding, I'm really looking forward to the trip.  Heck, even the aforementioned train journey has its perks because it'll give me a solid block of time in which to write with few interruptions.  Alright, the chairs aren't comfortable and the legroom is downright painful for someone over 5'7" after a while, but with the outrageously priced wifi at least I won't have the internet to distract me.

Progress on book 3 has been fairly steady if not particularly voluminous.  It's coming along in little chunks scrawled down during my lunch breaks, though this does mean I have to type it all up at some point.  I think I need to rearrange my desk.  It currently isn't very suited for such a task.

I ironed out a much clearer plan earlier in the week too.  I'd thought I'd already done it, actually, but when I went back to look at my Grand Plan for Book Three, it was rather more scribbly-and-on-several-scraps-of-paper than I'd remembered.  It's a little more ordered now, thank goodness.

I think.  Gosh, I'm paranoid I'm imagining order where in fact there is chaos.  Better go check it again.

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