Thursday, 22 September 2011

Technology: How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways...

It seems a little like taunting a wild beast - going *poke poke* with a pointy stick - to write a blog moaning about technology.  I expect at any moment the computer will shut down, preventing me from spreading my grievances across the interwebs.  I swear it has a consciousness - why else would it bollocks up so spectacularly on the one freakin' day I need it to work?!

So much for handing in my dissertation today.

I planned to print it off this morning to hand in this afternoon.  Not much of an extravagant hope, surely?  It was when it comes to me and technology.  The first printer never even got going and the second printer managed to print all but ONE BLOODY PAGE of the first copy of my dissertation.  Then I had to drive down to Argos to buy Printer No. Three which managed to finish off copy number one... it printed copy number two... then, with 119 pages to go of copy number three it ran out of ink.

As there was no printer ink available in the entirety of Rotten Totton, my father (computer fixer extraordinaire) drove us into Southampton to buy the cartridge.  It took us three different shops, but we found one.

Finally, at 3:30pm, the last sheet was printed off.  It's just a shame that the Faculty Office shuts at 3:30pm.  So now it'll be tomorrow morning to get it bound and submitted.  Unless of course my computer decides to randomly blow up during the night, destroying all my printed copies but sparing my life just so I can feel the agony of my loss in the morning.

Don't even get me started about the internet connection.  It took me two hours to get a telephone number.

Yeah, technology pisses me off.


  1. Maybe the computer will spare you one thought by destroying all copies of your dissertation bar that one single page you had such trouble printing?

  2. Shh! You're giving it ideas! If that happens now I'm going to blame you...