Thursday, 22 December 2011

Concentrate... Don't get distracted by the pretty lights...

Three days to go.  'Til Christmas?  Well, yes but also to the deadline that Christmas creates.

I have until Christmas Eve night to finish this latest part of the secondary-world fantasy trilogy, print it out, wrap it up and pop it under the Christmas tree.

I suppose it's going okay.  Some days are better than others.  Sunday and Monday, for example, were pretty darn crap, resulting in me writing a note to myself on Monday night which simply read: 'WRITING!! F'ING DO IT!'  Seriously.

The note seemed to do the trick for Tuesday, though, as I managed to churn out over three thousand words.  Wednesday let to another thousand or so.  Today... zilch.  But the day is yet young (or rather the evening hasn't properly arrived despite the darkness) and I'm sure I'll manage to get something done.

So for all that my writing has been more irregular than I'd hoped, I am at least progressing.  Again - as ever - whether it actually makes any kind of coherent sense is an entirely different matter.

I think part of my problem with that two-day block lay in the fact that what I needed to write was something I have been planning for years (so no pressure then) and was a greater level of fantasy than I've ever written before.  I'm not even sure if that makes sense.  See how much it has turned my brain to mush?

And I still have a few Christmas presents to wrap - which I will probably do tonight while watching Antiques Roadshow.  Yeah, I'm cool.  And if I manage that (the wrapping, not the antiques-show-watching) I might even be able to walk around my oh-so-cluttered room without doing some bizarre impression of those action-film-folks who are trying to pass through the laser-maze without triggering an alarm.

Hopefully I won't have to resort to writing angry notes to myself to get it done.

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