Thursday, 8 December 2011

MAs and Chapter Countdowns

I got my MA results through the post today - several weeks before I was expecting them, that's for sure.  Not only did I pass, but I also got a Merit!  I may or may not have squealed in excitement and yelled 'yes!', complete with fist-pump in the air.

Needless to say this is beyond what I was expecting and a lovely surprise to get through the post!  And I do love surprises!  (Nice surprises, obviously.  Not like 'Surprise, there's cat sick on the carpet.  Again.')

Now I just have the agonising financial expense of getting them hard-bound.  Probably wouldn't be too much bother to someone with a job - alas that I don't fall into that category.

But yay I officially have a Masters!  Stick with the positives here, people.  And I also managed to buy some things for Christmas today in Romsey which I have been looking for since around September.  So good day all round chaps :D

As for the writing shenanigans, I'm still on schedule.  I started Chapter 49 today.  After that, it will only be two freaking chapters left.  Of this book, obviously.  When I was writing out my more detailed flow-chart planny businesses for Chapters 48-51, I was already thinking 'and then in the first couple of chapters in the second book I could...'

No.  Stop it.  Finish the first bloody book first.  Sheesh.

Yeah, that's so not going to work is it?  Dear oh dear.  And I now need to maybe get a polished draft of Hide and See done by March as I'm considering entering the 'Good Housekeeping' novel competition as recommended by Reb.  It all depends on whether I can actually force myself to do some meaningful editing.  Hmm, miracles do happen I suppose...

Right, back to Chapter 49.  I've left them all smack bang in the middle of a gunfight.  Oops.


  1. Fantastic news - well done! I FB'ed Good Housekeeping and they said they will be judging the whole competition on the first 5000 words - they will give the winner time to finish and edit and polish the actual book, with some help from Orion. So as long as you've honed the beginning you will be able to get an entry in! So get back into that gunfight...

  2. Thank you :D And that's good to know for the competition! Polishing the first 5k sounds much more doable!

  3. Well done, Beth! I haven't got my results yet, but will keep you posted. How much does the binding business cost then? Goodm luck with Good Housekeeping. xx Boz

  4. From what I can see it's about £30 per copy and we need two. And yep let me know when you get your results!