Monday, 23 July 2012


I sat outside in the sunshine for a few hours today, my extravagantly large hat keeping the sun from burning my face.  It was bliss to finally feel warm again.  Having spent so much of the winter - and a large chunk of the 'summer' - being perpetually cold, I can't express how great it was to feel the sun heating me right through to my bones.

I'm like Superman, except without the awesome powers, ability to save the world and the underwear over my tights.

I always find I'm more in the mood for writing when it's sunny.  Really, I'm more in the mood to do anything when it's sunny, which is probably one of the reasons why I've felt so unproductive these last couple of months.  Of course this desire to write can be a little problematic in that the sun is, naturally, outside and my computer is not.  I therefore end up writing it all long-hand.

I have no problem with the good ol' pen and paper - after all, it's not going to crash on me, is it? - although it can sometimes take me a little while to get round to writing it all up on the computer.  But at least these little bits get some extra editing, as I transfer it from one medium to the other.

The first third of book two is not all that coherent at the moment.  I'm still writing bits and pieces rather than doing it in a linear (sane) way.  Right now, I'm trying to fill in the blanks.  And of course this fill-in-the-blanks thing would be much easier if I was at my computer with the rest of what I've written so far, but as covered above we have the problem of the sun not being located in my house.

I worked on some scenes for chapters 2 and 4 today.  This seemed like a reasonably sensible choice give that chapters 3 and 5 are already done.  But what of chapter 1?  Well, it has now gone from being woefully sparse to now having too many words, so I'll have to do some significant editing on that to get it up to scratch.  Oh dear, why do first chapters always give me so much trouble?

Here's hoping that the sunshine will last at least a little while longer so that I can get more done.  As my horseriding instructor put it today, I appear to be solar-powered.

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