Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wishing for Thursday

I am returned from Dublin, with The Warlord's Legacy unread but a few partial scenes for Hide and See's sequel either typed or handwritten in various places.

(I really need to start thinking of a title for the sequel.  I can't keep calling it 'The Sequel'.)

I was disappointed with The Warlord's Legacy (as you can probably tell from the not-having-read-it-thing).  I only got to the beginning of chapter three and gave up.  In the short amount I read, I think we'd been in at least four different points of view, and none of them were particularly engaging.  The main character (as I judged from the blurb, not from the actual novel) didn't seem all that likeable.  I know characters need to have flaws but this man just seemed too unappealing for me to care about.

Therefore, I am sorry, but this is going back on the shelf.  Maybe I'll pick it up again at a later date when I'm in a more charitable mood!

I'm happier with the few bits of writing I did during my holiday.  There isn't much, but what I did I felt reasonably good about.  I also might have finally found the beginning of chapter one!  Hurrah!  Although knowing me, it will change drastically by the time draft three or four eventually comes around.

I also had an idea about how to keep my new world ordered in my head.  The fortunate thing about Primary-World fantasy fiction is that I don't have to create an entirely new reality, but there is still plenty of lore I need to keep track of, especially in book two (and book three should I ever get there!)  I'd hate to make a mess of it so I'm going to put myself in the proverbial shoes of my characters, and keep note of it the way they do (although there'll be more colour-coding in mine, I think).

It's all felt a little hectic since I got back on Saturday.  I spent Sunday trying to catch up on everything I missed - it's extraordinary how many mundane little things need to be done after just a week away - and yesterday and today I had training days at work.  Tomorrow is volunteering as usual but Thursday... ah glorious Thursday!  How you beckon enticingly to me from the future!

Thursday I will finally sit down with my notes and figure out just what is going on.  That's the plan, anyway.

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