Monday, 22 October 2012

It's not like I'm counting down the days or anything

I warn you now, this blog post is going to be shite.

I feel able to say this with reasonable authority because this is the third time I've started this post and I have deleted the previous attempts with high levels of contempt.  So I apologise.  Really, you're probably better off just getting out while you can.  Go make a cup of tea.  Or read a book.  Books are good.

The reason for the impending shite-ness is most likely my generally grumpy mood this evening.  A dangerous decision, then, to write a blog post under such circumstances but if you're a regular reader of this blog (you have my sympathies) then you will know what I'm like with deadlines.  Deadlines or death! (Or at least a relatively good excuse.)

I am in a way happy to report that said grumpiness is not the result of a lack of writing, which is otherwise often the cause.  While Book Two (STILL NEED TO DECIDE ON A TITLE) isn't exactly tearing along at a terrific pace, it is at least moving and I'm still working with my metaphorical chain unbroken.  Hurrah!

I see no cure for the grumpiness tonight other than to frown it out, so I will instead look forward to brighter days - i.e. the end of the week, when half-term finally arrives and I get to bid farewell to work for a week.  And I'm going up to York on Saturday to visit my younger brother so a big HURRAY for that!  I will have to choose a book, methinks, as I'm currently 'between-books', as a normal person might be 'between-jobs', and will need a good one for the four-plus hour train journey to the wilds of the North.

Apparently there might be snow.  I'm sceptical but then it is quite a long way up.

The various notebooks will of course be accompanying me to York so that I can continue to write and in the process worry that I'm not keeping track of my word count.  It'll be a good opportunity, though, to do some more work on the background to my world.  I've given up for now in my quest to find books about the beliefs of medieval witches after the last book on witchcraft I got out of the library told me that such a book needed to be written but that this wasn't it.  Helpful.

So instead I'll be making stuff up out of the madness in my head.  Brace yourselves.


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    1. I think that'll be a great exercise on the way to York - just to sit there with a pen and paper and make stuff up without the distraction of the internet or books.