Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Time to Lady Up

My post is rather late this week - not that it really matters to anything but my OCD-brain.  The excuse is that I was in York from Saturday to Tuesday and thus haven't had much of a chance to do anything internet-related until this evening.

I did have long periods of time where I was sat in front of a laptop, however - the train journey to and from York, over four hours each way.  Seeing as Cross Country want to charge extortionate fees for use of their wifi, I went all stone-age and used the laptop only as a text-document-creator for the entire journey.  Crazy idea, I know.

I have, therefore, managed to get Chapter 17 and half of Chapter 18 done, although 17 desperately needs a read-through and 18 will probably require a lot of growling and gnashing of teeth before I'm done with it.

Given that I am currently experiencing the glorious joy that is half-term, I should have some time (though not as much as I'd like) to do some more work on it over the next couple of days.  I'm also hoping to get to the local library in search of a Writer's Handbook which is less than ten years old (mine, alas, is from 2001).  There I will find oodles of agents all just sitting there waiting to receive my manuscript and prepared to clamber over each other in order to get me on their books.

Then will come the horrendous task of editing my wreck of a synopsis into something which doesn't read like it was written by a six-year-old.  Not something I'm looking forward to but I just need to man the f* up (or 'lady the f* up' as we like to say in our house at the moment) and get it done.

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