Monday, 14 February 2011

How are the tomatoes getting along?

Yesterday I started exploring the Tin House website ( hoping to find some magnificent inspiration and/or instructions which would show me how to write short stories.  In my life I have only ever written three short stories because, on the whole, I just don't know when to shut up.  Whenever I write fiction it always seems to end up being the beginning of a novel.

Alas, no such wonder-cure for my excessive word counts materialised (or at least none that my dinosaur-like brain could uncover, damn you technology!) but I did come across a very interesting blog about none other than the female-male ratio I nattered about in my last blog.  I appear to have accidently developed a theme to my internet research.  How clever of me.

I remembered this morning (to my horror) that I'm supposed to talk about my internet wanderings in tomorrow's session for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES - if you think about it, that is rather a long time to talk continuously about something.  I'd been previously working on the assumption that I'd give a brief run-down on what I'd found out (probably on my newly-discovered theme of lots-of-people-talking-about-women) but on reflection I realised that this would probably take all of about thirty seconds to relate.

So now I'm starting to panic a little bit and will have to find something more in-depth to say.  Maybe I could just bring along a load of statistics and read them out really slowly.

Will have to give that one a ponder.

Today's title is for my apparently greenhouse-like bedroom.  Perhaps I should buy some citrus trees.

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