Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sorry I trod on your foot

I'm hoping that the first post will be the hardest and that blogging will become easier with time.  I have been meaning to start a blog for quite a while now - and although part of my excuse has always been that I haven't had enough time, part of it is also that I've often been distracted by things which are infinitely more interesting.

This doesn't bode well for the future of my blog, I fear, for if I find my life too dull to write about who on earth will be interested enough to read it?  I suppose part of me hopes that I will be forced to do more just so that I'll actually have something to write about.

Right now I want to write about how much this computer-website-box-thingy is annoying me.  Whenever I press the enter key it goes up.  Why would I want to go up?  Isn't that what the 'up' arrow key is for?  Or it stays in the same place.  If I wanted it to stay in the same place, surely I wouldn't have pressed anything at all?

Wow, that took astonishingly little time for me to go off topic.

My point: I'm starting a blog.  I'm not really sure what I plan to write about but seeing as I was finally motivated to do it by my MA lecture yesterday I'm guessing it will focus on that and my writing.  I suppose I'm hoping that, when I get better at it, it will turn into a useful career-enhancing thing.  Anything which gives me a tiny bit of help in that field will always be worth doing.  Methinks one needs all the help one can get, doncha know.

It will also be fun to see how many times I can destroy my own site and/or computer just through my sheer talent for damaging all-things-technological.  I am assured by a lovely lady on my course that it's impossible to wipe everything but alas, from past experience, I remain somewhat unconvinced.  Anyone who has sat next to me in an IT lesson will know how often computers lose the will to live whenever I approach.

Today's title is for the man on the train last night.

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