Friday, 25 February 2011

Look at me, I'm a target!

I've been watching 'My Life in Books' this week on BBC2 and have to say I've rather enjoyed it.  When I first read what the show was about I set it to series record but did expect to find some of it a bit dull - I am happy to say that this dullness never materialised.

It's clear that the guests they have on each day really are passionate about books which is lovely - there's nothing worse than some minor celebrity pretending to be all 'learned and cultural' just to get publicity.  The books the guests chose were varied and interesting.  Greek classics seem to be turning up more often than I expected, leading me to believe that I really ought to get round to reading one at some point.  My younger brother is putting me to shame by reading The Odyssey at the moment - I'll have to borrow his copy.

I found Giles and Sue (on Tuesday) particularly entertaining but then I've watched many of their food programmes which are, quite frankly, hilarious.  I was a little mystified, however, by Sue's description of Jane Austen as everyone getting consumption and fainting.  People are quite welcome to dislike Austen if they wish but I have to say I cannot remember anyone in the six completed novels getting consumption and cannot recall any frequency of fainting either.  (This will be horribly embarrassing if, after posting, I suddenly remember something and it turns out Sue was actually referring to real passages).

Oh dear, Austen rant again.  Thankfully only a mini one today.

Anyway, the series continues next week (yay!) with some very interesting guests.  Jeanette Winterson, for instance, is on Tuesday I believe.  I only hope that, for once, my digibox decides it actually quite fancies working and will actually record the timings set.  That would be very nice indeed.

Today's title is because I forget how much Doctor Who makes me laugh.

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