Friday, 6 January 2012

Why hello there 2012!

So apparently, the world's going to end this year.  But it probably (according to the people who go by the Mayan calendars) won't be until December so we've still got a few months before the world goes kaput.  And the new Batman film comes out in July so at least I'll be able to see that before we all die in a horrific fiery inferno, or however else we're supposed to go.

As you can probably tell, I don't believe in all this end-of-the-world stuff.  Fortunately, if I'm wrong there won't be anyone around to say 'I told you so'.  Win win.

This year I am therefore dedicating not to the apocalypse, but to my ambition of finally getting something done.  This 'something' being aimed specifically at writing - or rather the publishing end of things.

Obviously, I can't dictate whether or not anyone wants to publish my drivel but I am at least going to do my utmost to get people to at least consider it.  So I will be annoying the book industry this year by sending out my nonsense to various literary agencies and/or publishers, ready to weep hysterically when they reject me.

This, I feel, is a good ambition/New Year's Resolution and much more likely to happen than my half-arsed resolution of getting more of a social life.  I am, as discussed previously, a hermit.  Besides, being social is expensive and for the literary-agent-begging-thing, I would probably only be paying for stamps.  And maybe some more envelopes because I think I've used all mine up from all the please-give-me-a-job-I'm-begging-you letters.

So, with this ambition/resolution in mind, I have been working away on Fall, with the aim to making it readable.  I'm over half-way through now - and in saying it like that, it makes me worried that I'm rushing it.  Or, as mentioned in my last ramble, that I'm too attached to it to see the problems.

But help has appeared in the form of several lovely people offering to read it through once I'm done with this edit.  Hopefully they'll be able to spot the glaring errors and plot holes where I can't.  Because I really really want to write something that's good.


  1. I'm in the same boat - determined to at least get some creative rejections rather than the form letters this time. You certainly have the talent to get published, now you've just got to keep at it.

  2. I know everyone gets lots of rejections so I'm determined not to take it personally! At least, that what I'm telling myself.