Monday, 27 February 2012

Little Miss Grump

This is my second attempt at writing this blog post (or perhaps the third, depending on how you define 'attempt') but the previous drivel was so utterly tedious that I deleted the lot and started again.

This should give you a clue as to how well my writing is going at the moment, given that I can't even ramble and/or rant properly without wanting to chuck the whole thing out of the window.

Mind you, chucking computers out of windows is a frequent desire for me these days, given how frequently the laptops bugger up at work.  I'm told this is a long standing problem so I'm hoping it's not just my presence which is causing them all to lose the will to live.

I managed to make some progress with my Hide and See rewrites during half-term week but haven't really done much since.  I had a bash at chapter seven last night, but didn't actually write anything new.  It's all just mucking around with old chapters, partly because I'm terrified of leaving out a piece of conversation or bit of action that is actually integral to the plot.

I had a nice little bit of fresh conversation pop into my head last night though, between Rhonda and Joel - unfortunately it belongs in book two, which is of no use to me right now at all.

There's a fragment of conversation appropriate to chapter seven floating around in the murky mush of my brain at the mo, which might or might not work when transferred to the page.  Fingers, toes, everything crossed.  It first occurred to me just as I was arriving at work but I never had the chance to write it down.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if, just once, something would appear when I was actually sat in front of my computer screen?

My grumpiness is irritating me now, so I'm going to go and get tea.  If any of you lovely fine folks managed to make it to the end of this rather dull post, give yourselves a pat on the back and a big heart 'bravo'!  And I hope to have something less yawn-inducing for you to read next time.

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