Monday, 10 December 2012

The Sneakiness of Christmas

The festive season seems to have snuck up on me a little this year.  Suddenly there are only two weekends before Christmas (with both Saturdays already booked up) and I haven't even got a tree up yet.  Presents are, thankfully, almost done in terms of buying but the wrapping process looks incredibly daunting and will probably wait until a couple of days before they're needed.  An unwise choice but one I will probably foolishly take regardless.

This sudden realisation that Christmas is coming at exactly the same time as it does every year has meant that I haven't done quite as much writing as I would have liked this week.  I'm currently working on Chapter 28, which isn't a terrible point to have reached but I would have liked to be done with it by now.

In a more positive spin on the being-on-chapter-28-thing, I gave myself the target of getting to Chapter 30 by Christmas Day so, providing no calamities befall me, this should be perfectly achievable.  Technically speaking, I should be on the big 30 by this time next week.  And I do so like being ahead of a target so I'm sure I'll dig up at least some motivation to keep going even while mounds of unwrapped presents threaten to collapse and smother me.

On the subject of my other work - as in the real job, the one people actually pay me for - I found out today that I've got a new job!  Hurrah!  I interviewed for it last Friday.  It's in the same place I'm working now but the role is more interesting (proper librarian stuff with books and everything) and I've got more hours, which naturally means more book-buying-funds.

Right, I'm off to go scowl at Chapter 28.  I need to join up two bits of a phone conversation and two bits of face-to-face conversation, and then all those bits together.  I really need to learn how to write things in order.

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