Monday, 17 December 2012

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...

Today is Monday and I wish it was Thursday.  I know it has been drilled into us all since childhood that we shouldn't wish our time away but I'm finding it a little tricky right now to obey this rule.

It's the end of term this week.  On Thursday, at lunchtime, the students finish their lessons and run screaming into the glorious freedom of the Christmas holidays.  My problem lies in the fact that, up until this time, a large part of my job is to keep them quiet, focused and working.  Given that they have already converted into 'Christmas mode', I'm sure you can appreciate how difficult this is.

So I'm preparing myself for a difficult day tomorrow.  As we're all aware, I'm not a big fan of optimism so I will be bracing myself for the worst rather than hoping for the best and ending up disappointed.  How's that for a cheery sentiment?

But I want to think happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts like IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!  And I don't feel so snuck-upon this week, having managed to get a little bit of wrapping done over the weekend (although not as much as I'd hoped).  Given that Christmas tends to turn me into a five-year-old, I'm staring at the pretty lights strung around my bedroom going 'oooooh' and covering myself in tinsel at every available opportunity.

Also in prime position in the happy thoughts category is the extra time I will have to write when I'm on Christmas holiday for two weeks.  I'm on Chapter 30, meaning (once I've finished it) the Christmas aim will be accomplished!  Hurrah!  I'm not fool enough to think that I won't have plenty of other shenanigans to occupy my time during the break but I should still have more time to write than I do during term-time.  And hopefully time to look for agents.  Time and courage for that one.

Right, back to Chapter 30.  There's a prophesised phone call, a house belonging to (relatively) friendly criminals and a generous smattering of witchcraft.  Sometimes my novel sounds really weird.

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