Monday, 3 December 2012

Chapter Twenty-Six

I normally like to come to a nice clean point in my writing at which to pause before writing these blog posts but this evening I couldn't do it.  Chapter Twenty-Six is being a bitch.

It is especially irritating because finishing Chapter Twenty-Six would put me at the mid-way point in terms of chapters, which would be something of an achievement.  But because my brain hates me, I just can't get the damn thing right.

So I'm taking a breather.  I'm giving it a mini-stew.  I am going to do something else for a couple of hours - write this blog, get some tea, watch the latest episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - before I come back to it.  At this point, I will be hit by a dazzling burst of inspiration and complete it with not a single spot of trouble.

This is my plan - only time will tell if it's anything other than imagination.

Chapter Twenty-Seven is already underway, though.  Rather like Chapter Twenty-Six was before I'd finished Twenty-Five.  I really hope this isn't going to become a habit.  I got in a little bit of a muddle at times with the beginning of this book when I wrote too much of it out of order.  I want to keep as much as I can to the sequence of the novel and yet I'm not just going to ignore an idea if it pops into my head.  Ah, dilemmas!

Right, I'm off to go and ignore Chapter Twenty-Six.  It is going to sit in its word document and think about what it's done.  Once it's had time to consider its life choices, then we'll talk.

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