Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I don't think I've even visited my Blogger homepage since before the weekend, meaning that I am behind on reading other blog posts as well as updating my own.  Shame on me etc etc.

Half term is finally here!  Yipee!!  We are, however, already halfway through which isn't rather dampens the enthusiasm a little, especially considering I haven't got quite as much done as I'd hoped.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised - I'd needed a bit of a rest but now really do need to kick my arse into gear.

Chapter 42 is done and 43 in underway.  I'm aiming to get 43 done this afternoon/evening.  I think it would be good to write a larger chunk in one day because I sometimes worry that the bits I do during breaks at work sometimes lack consistency.  I'm usually writing them out of order and in a couple of different notebooks and I think the narrative often suffers for it.

But that's what rewriting is for - and I'm sure I'm going to have one hell of a job when it comes to editing this draft.

I'm also a good way through The Novice by Trudi Canavan.  Bloody hell but she's a good writer.  Of all the books I could have picked to break my embarrassing-lack-of-reading streak, I'm glad it was this one.  The copy I had, however, did have about ten pages around the middle of the book which had the first line chopped off of each page due to some rather creative binding by the printers.  A quick stop at my local library had me grabbing another copy.  Thank goodness for public libraries.

Right, back to task.  My main characters are in a race against their enemies and I need to use google earth to decide their route.  Writing is a strange business.

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