Monday, 4 February 2013

A Fantastic Weekend

My trip to London this past weekend was amazing.  As someone who is not a fan of London to the point of actively avoiding going there, I am pleased to have had such a lovely time.  A big chunk of that is down to the company of my younger brother, but also to the 'show' (for want of a better word) which I talked about in last week's blog post.

I have tried to describe to people just what I was going to see/had seen but 'show' isn't specific enough.  However, I don't know a word for an event in which there are book readings, songs on topics like science, Harry Potter and fish, questions answered on a timer in which the loser gets slapped in the face, and, among many other things, a heck of a lot of cheering.

It all sounds bizarre when summarised like that - and yet it was incredible.  In fact, it was better than I'd hoped even though I broke my rule and went in with high expectations.  It was like two hours crammed full of in-jokes, but ones you share with several hundred people rather than just a couple of friends.

The show was so diverse, crossing from hilarious one minute to deeply thought-provoking the next.  There was a good chunk of literary discussion to delight my bookish soul, with John Green talking about his novel in a wonderfully mature and confident manner to a crowd who were mostly in their teens, proving that he truly believes what he preaches in refusing to talk down to young people as if they lacked intelligence.

But now it's back to my own novel.  The trip meant a good deal less writing this weekend, though I did manage to do some both days (don't-break-the-chain is still intact!) - now I just need to type it up.  It all got a little confusing last week.  I thought I was writing Chapter 40 during my lunch breaks when, in actual fact, that scene goes in Chapter 41.  So both are - at this point - about equally incomplete.

Two weeks until half-term.  It'll be great to have several days in a row to really knuckle down and do little else but write!

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