Monday, 11 February 2013

Ten chapters to go

Today I started on Chapter 42, which means I am ten chapters away from finishing the first draft of book 2.  Put like that, it feels like I'm on the home stretch - then I remember that that's still around twenty thousand words.

In terms of story rather than word- or chapter-count, it certainly has the air of approaching the final climax of the narrative.  I'm about to write the last chase, leading to the last fight.  It's all very exciting - or at least I hope that's how it's going to read.

It's half-term next week and I aim to get three chapters done within that time.  By the time I go back for the second half of the term (ugh, why am I thinking about that already) I should really be on my way towards the end.

What I haven't done a lot of lately is new reading.  While I'm always reading (and re-reading) bits and pieces here and there, I've not read an entire new book this year and that's just ridiculous.  It's February for heaven's sake!  So another one of my half-term tasks is to pick up one of the many books waiting patiently on my shelves.

I'm thinking Trudi Canavan's The Novice, the second book in her Black Magician Trilogy.  Her writing's always just fantastic in such an effortless, easy way.  I bought the book months ago and really should have read it by now.  Shame on me.

That's the problem with travelling to work by car - it's not really all that appropriate to read at the same time.

Fortunately, I'm going up to Bristol this coming weekend (woohoo!!) so I'll have time to do some reading on the way.  It really seems as if being on a train is the only way I can guarantee some quality book time.

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